Top 20 Internet Tech Advances in the Last 20 Years

My First Professional Website Launch

On November 1, 1996, 20 years ago today, Bob Whitset and I launched the Cyrix Corporation website. As a team we convinced Cyrix that they could not sell fast processors (chips) when they had such a slow website. The previous design literally took 90 seconds to load (on what was at the time a super-fast modem 14.4k baud). The site design below loaded in only 14 seconds (a 300% improvement).

The site was simple HTML and helped the company save thousands of dollars on printing by including much of the previously printed documentation on the site. It also won awards for design and effectiveness.

Below the image I have listed 20 Internet tech advances over the last 20 years…


A Look at the Top 20 Internet Tech Advances in the Last 20 Years

1. Fujitsu QFTV Gas Plasma Display TV

In the early 1990s, we were all anticipating a future in which our homes would be enhanced with slim enough televisions to hang on the walls. Finally, the Plasma Display TV was invented in 1997.

2. MP3 Player

In the early 1990’s, whenever people were out, they did not have anything to entertain them. Finally, in 1998 this ended with the invention of the MP3 player, providing people with the ability to store and play digital media from their CDs, DVDs, or flash drive.

3. Diamond Rio PMP300

Invented in 1998, this was the first portable audio device that allowed people to download MP3 files or rip the music from their CDs for the easy use of having the music on this pocket-size music player.

4. TiVo

Remember those good old days of being forced to watch scheduled TV shows and nothing else? Well those days came to an end in 1999, providing people with the ability to watch what they want when they wanted with the invention of the TiVo.

5. Flash Drives

With floppy disks storing and saving computer information in the 1990s, the flash drive invention in 2000 took over in a much smaller, more compact size.

6. Text Messaging

Text messaging from mobile phones was introduced by AT&T in 2000, opening doors to a whole new way of non-verbal communication.

7. iPods

Remember those CD players? Well, now CD players are just wonderful memories with the invention of Apple’s iPods in 2001. Music lovers now have a portable digital music player.

8. Wi-Fi

The old days of wireless routers fast and wide enough for only the demands of a household were replaced with Wi-Fi in 2003, allowing for a higher speed and wider range to suit the needs of a whole building and even farther out.

9. Facebook

Our wonderful widely used social media platform was invented in 2004.

10. Vudu

User-friendly Vudu replaced those bulky Red Boxes in 2004. People once and for all have access to unlimited movies while sitting in front of their televisions.

11. Google Maps

Say good-bye to those printable direction instructions and the standalone GPS gadgets and say hello to the smartphones’ Google Maps in 2005, giving individuals the convenience of finding their way around from anytime and anywhere.

12. Youtube

In 2005, the days of viewing videos about every topic online was born.

13. Nintendo Wii

Remember the old days of sedentary video game playing? Well, in 2006, Nintendo created a more active way of playing video games with the Nintendo Wii.

14. Apple MacBook Pro

Apple’s first invention of the MacBook was in 2006.

15. Apple iPhone

In 2007, everyone was bursting with excitement with the invention of the Apple iPhone and its extensively smooth high-tech features.

16. App Store

With the creation of the iPhone came the invention of Apple’s App Store in 2008, providing the safe ability for users to download games and other software on their iPhones.

17. Canon EOS 5D Mark II

The history of those old video cameras is just that—history. With the invention of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II in 2009, individuals and cinematographers alike can now use this high-tech photography device for personal needs as well as for shooting important movie scenes.

18. iPad

In 2010, the launch of a gadget that is a combination of a laptop and a smartphone took place. Users are able to play games, search the Web, watch movies, and more.

19. Google Glass

In 2013, Google invented a way to keep you constantly plugged into your email, calls, and other notifications with its Google Glass.

20. Apple Pay

Invented in 2014, Apple gave users of the iPhone 6 and up a favorable way to pay without taking out their credit cards.

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