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Google+ Account is Critical

As your online marketing partners, we are constantly studying everything that comes out of Google and the SEO world in order to find the best methods to keep your site at the top of the search results. Those top positions are important to your business and we know the only way to get them and keep them is to stay ahead of the competition with innovative use of the tools Google provides.

One new tool, which is gaining weight in the Google algorithm, is the Google + Business Page. Google+ is Google’s social network, which allows members to organize their “friends” in social groups called “circles”, just as they do in real life. The Google+ Business Pages allow businesses to engage with their own circles of customers and build larger circles through social networking and marketing. According to industry experts, Google+ and +1’s will become one of the most important areas of Internet marketing on Google.

The reason that everyone MUST create a Google Plus Business Page and engage the public to build circles of followers is two-fold:

  1. Social networking is the best, least expensive way to market your Brand and engage your customers or clients, and their circles of friends. Studies show that endorsements from friends and family are the number one factor in purchasing decisions, and they’re usually easy to get. Google+ Business Pages can garner you exposure to your social circle with ease- no interaction, no posts and no likes
  2. The Google algorithm is constantly being updated and evaluated. According to industry experts, Google+ “likes”, called +1’s, are now being considered by the Google search engine. As the Google + network continues to grow, the weight applied to +1’s will receive more consideration, and the businesses with the most +1’s will rise to the top of the search results.

It is important to your SEO that you consider this additional service.

For more information on Advice creating your Google Plus Business Profile or promoting Google Plus One on your website, email me for pricing at

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