Why and How to Create Content That Can Be Easily Repurposed


Content CreationBefore we dive into why and how to create content that you can repurpose, let’s learn more about it. According to the Webster dictionary repurposing means to change (something) so that it can be used for a different purpose. So what that means for people in our industry is content that can be reused repeatedly but reused in new and different ways.

Why Repurposing Content is Important in Digital Marketing

Everyone learns and processes information differently, so having your content presented in multiple formats to attract reading, kinesthetic, visual and auditory learners will expose your business to a wider audience.

There is probably a good chance that you’ve heard others discuss why to repurpose your content, but you haven’t implemented it as part of your digital marketing strategy at this point. Now is the time to start.

How to Create Content That Can Be Repurposed

It’s important when creating a piece of content that you are going to repurpose that you do not rely on formatting to get your message across.

You should research your target audience, find out where they spend their time online and what mediums they use to access information.

Your content should be able to be used in any medium and on any platform. One way to achieve this is to store a basic text and audio copy of your information somewhere that you can easily access for simplistic molding.

For example, you want content that can be used as a blog post and then segments can be used as a tweet or quote on an image. You also want content that will display nicely on either a mobile device or a computer.

Examples of the different types of content:

  • Reading learners – blogs and eBooks
  • Kinesthetic learners – instructional videos
  • Visual learners – infographics and slidedecks
  • Auditory learners – podcasts and webinars

Where to Share Repurposed Content

Once you have figured out how to repurpose your content, the possibilities of where and how to share it are endless. You should always explore new and creative ways and places to share your content.

Examples of where to share your repurposed content online:

  • Interactive Websites like Slideshare and YouTube
  • Social Media Websites like Facebook and Twitter
  • Image Websites like Pinterest and Instagram

Remember, there’s no harm in sharing repurposed content somewhere that doesn’t work because that is the best way to narrow your options and optimize your results. So don’t be afraid to experiment from time to time.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless! If you are already using repurposing content or even just have some ideas on where and how to share it, share below!

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