The Google Maps Game: Advice Adventure

Recently, we had the luxury of being visited by Via-360, a Google trusted photographer, who helped us enhance our Google Maps experience. Voila, the Advice Google Maps Interactive Tour!

But we’ve upped the ante for this tour. Two of our SEO team members, Rachel Morgan and Kaitlin Hawkins, placed several hidden treasures, puzzles, and games throughout our office that we’re now asking YOU to solve. Our weekly quests require you to call on all of your wit, stamina, and mental prowess to solve the puzzle. Only the strongest will prevail!

Introducing the Google Maps Game: Advice Adventure!

Your quest awaits:

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How It Works

Every week on Wednesdays, we’ll put up a new blog and tell you what mysteries you need to uncover. They can be puzzles, riddles, or hidden objects throughout the office. You’ll have to search throughout our Google Maps Interactive Tour to find the answer.

When you find the object or figure out the puzzle, fill out our form below to submit your answer. Everyone who submits a correct answer by midnight on the Thursday of that same week will be eligible to win $100!

Advice Adventure: The Current Quest

Follow the Music

This week’s challenge will require all of your searching abilities. Are you ready?

  1. Find the television with the musical score.
  2. Identify the song on the screen.

Think you can handle it? Begin your quest now!

Some Pro Life Tips for Winning:

  • You can zoom in and out of objects within rooms.
  • Sometimes coming at things from another angle can help.
  • The tour is in 360 degrees. Make sure you check all angles.

Solved the Puzzle? Enter Here!

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Past Challenges and Champions

Advice Adventure 1: Hidden Mysteries of Conference Room A

Challenge: Find and solve the first Reemus puzzle.
Answer: “Matt Cutts”
Winner: Jeff Chance, Meteorsite SEO

Advice Adventure 2: Hidden Mysteries of the White Board

Challenge: Find and solve the second Reemus puzzle.
Answer: “Search Engine Journal”
Winner: Staci Brimer