Proud to Serve Worthy Causes & Our Community

Advice Interactive Group has always been active in our local area through community service and support of causes that directly help our neighbors. Below you can see some of our key community endeavors. We encourage other businesses and individuals to get involved in these efforts as well.

TryMunity logo

TryMunity developed from the need for a place where people who have experienced a traumatic and/or life changing event can go for information, advice, and support. There has never been one single website where people experiencing the same traumatic event (like traumatic brain injury, cancer, or paralysis) could consult each other on coping and treatment methods. TryMunity is managed by Tom and Bernadette Coleman of Advice Interactive Group, and is a place where doctors, supporters, and the injured can come together to offer each other love, help, and most importantly, hope.

Tournament of Hope

The Tournament of Hope began in 2008 and is still going strong today. This annual charity golf tournament, luncheon, and fundraising auction was created to help those in the Orlando, FL, area trade show community dealing with costs associated with life-changing illness. There have already been dozens of recipients of this loving aid.

Cornerstone Ranch logo

Cornerstone Ranch is a 42-acre residential community for adults with special needs. The purpose of Cornerstone Ranch is to provide a secure home for people with special needs, allowing them to live a full, active life as a part of their local community. As a member of the Cornerstone family, residents can learn, grow, and be lovingly cared for within a Christian environment. Daily activities integrate them into the community and allow for healthy, fun participation.

Texas Brain Injury Alliance

The Brain Injury Alliance of Texas is a statewide membership organization of people who have suffered brain injuries, as well as their family members, friends, and medical professionals. The purpose of this nonprofit organization is to improve the quality of life for patients with traumatic brain injury and to provide support for their families. Through ongoing education, support, and networking outlets for TBI prevention research, the BIA of Texas helps families and those in need understand that they are not alone.

Educational First Steps

The goal of EFS is to help children who are at risk of not receiving the proper education or emotional foundation necessary during early childhood. The program benefits (among others) children with language barriers, children with parents who have had little education, and children living in low-income neighborhoods. By working in the classroom, EFS provides proper curriculum, training, and educational materials to make sure these children get the best education possible. EFS also works directly with parents to help them engage learning and emotional development along with their children.