5 Content Writing Tips You Should Never Forget

Writing web content for your company may seem daunting with a slew of contradicting information and leftover, outdated advice from years past. But with the evolution of search engines, and an emphasis on natural content and readability it doesn’t have to be. These strategies will help fill your page with words and turn sentences into silver.

Headline Writing Tips1. A Headline for the Ages

The heading for your page carries, perhaps, the most weight out of your entire body of copy. Studies have shown that 8 out of 10 people will only read the headline and ignore the rest of your on-page content. However that does not give the writer license to fool the reader with an embellished or falsified heading. If the customer of a garden store skims your headline and it reads something like:

Free flowers for life!

But the copy reads:

Imagine all the free flowers you will grow after purchasing our rare orchids.

You can guarantee a harrumphed client will close the page and never return to your site. So the important strategies to remember are:

  1. Focus on a keyword-specific headline to bring SEO weight to your page
  2. Save the inspired creativity for a second headline
  3. Use the headline as a leaping off point to draw your client into the rest of the content

Unique Content2. Yoo-nique Content

The best way to lose your client, or be blacklisted by search engines is plagiarism. Copy/paste is our greatest ally and our greatest foe. In this case it is best to avoid copying content from a similar website, altering only minor words and calling content your own, or (deliver us from this evil!) copying Wikipedia. May you have mercy on your soul if you make this faux pas. Over the past few years search engines have put a heavy emphasis on unique content, and reward pages that feature it. Copy/paste is not only bound to throw you into the deep end of a lawsuit, but severely damage your SEO rankings. As a writer it is your job to create a unique, interesting body of content to inform your readers, not mindlessly drone repetitive content that will surely drive clients away. Check out copyleaks.com plagiarism checker for students which will confirm originality with sophisticated algorithms that scan and track textual content in every language.

3. Best Flower Pots vs. Transcendent Fauna Receptacle

Readability is the easiest and hardest job for a content writer. We as writers tend towards the flourishes and embellishments in our writing. However, when writing for a professional company’s blog or web page, it is best to keep the content simple and easily digestible. There are many perks to maintaining this attitude:

  1. You avoid confusing the reader and presenting the company as an annoying entity with a superiority complex
  2. Your writing stays on target, to-the-point, encourages the client to continue reading
  3. Heightens SEO power. A customer WILL search “recommended garden tools” but will NEVER search “esteemed conservatory utensils”. Unless you are writing for clients in the 1800s. In which case, have at it.

4. Best Keywords to Use When Writing About Content Keywords While Imagining Perfect Keyword Usage

That was annoying wasn’t it? Did you find yourself glaring at the screen while reading it? Because I was glaring at the screen while writing it. The best way to alienate customers with content is through infamous keyword stuffing. NOTHING good comes from keyword stuffing. Search engines recognize it and penalize your page for it. Customers recognize it and immediately close the page. Keyword stuffing, if you’re unfamiliar, is thinking of any keyword your client base could possibly think of and than throwing them all in every single paragraph. It may have worked in the past, but these days its considered spammy and unprofessional.

Keyword StuffingThe best option is to insert keywords naturally.

a)    Flower pots from our company are the best flower pots available. If you are in need of a pot for your flower call us today and we will discuss flower pot options, flower pot colors, and how excellent our flower pots for your home are.

(I’ll pause so you can recover from the nausea.)


b)   For multiple flower pot options and colors call us today. We will discuss your flower’s needs and recommend options to you.

That’s it. That’s all it takes. Option B is succinct, reads naturally, won’t alienate search engines and customers, and drives the reader towards the call to action.

Call to Action5. Calling to Action Like the King You Are

The call to action should always be included on-page. After reading your finely crafted content, a customer will be ready to make the call and turn your company a profit. If it’s absent, all that work was for nothing. Usually included towards the end, if not THE end, of a page, the call to action has a few precise rules:

  1. Include your primary keyword. It’s best to remind the client WHY they’re calling. It’s a simple inclusion of “For the best watering cans, call 000-000-0000.”
  2. Inspire immediacy by including a time. “Call now.” Or “Call today.” If possible include a present deal like “Call before time runs out on this offer.” Or “Call now before our stock runs out.
  3. If included within your site, link to an online contact option. In this day and age, customers may be more likely to fill out an online form. The best way to do this is: “For the best water cans, call 000-000-000 now. Or contact us online,” with a hyperlink to the contact form.

Just remember, you are the authority and with great power comes great responsibility. By reading your content, the client is trusting you, so prove yourself trustworthy. By maintaining a balance of researched unique information, SEO keywords used naturally, and an emphasis on important aspects like headlines and call-to-actions, your web page is on its way to a long happy life on the search engines and considerable profit for your company.

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