The Advice Top 10 Posts for 2015

Advice Interactive Top 10 Posts 2015As with every year in the technology world, 2015 saw a number of changes, advances and brand new technology make their way onto the digital marketing scene. Below is 10 of Advice’s most popular posts from the year for you to relive, relearn or read for the very first time.

1. Having A Little Fun with the Topic of Bad Data

Bad data is no laughing matter for businesses, but our video featuring Alex Lee (#AlexFromTarget) uses a fun way to help businesses understand what happens when your business data is not accurate. Watch the video to learn why you need to make sure your business doesn’t have bad data, then read the post to know how to make sure consumers can find your business when they are searching.

2. Science Fiction Comes to Life with Google’s RankBrain

If you have ever wondered when computers will start being able to think like humans, you can stop wondering, because Google’s RankBrain is here. RankBrain uses Artificial Intelligence technology to “think” beyond just the words consumers type into a search to the thought behind the search. It will then use that information (or knowledge) to refine search results on a whole new level. Keep reading to find out more about this fascinating new addition to Google search!

3. 2015 Internet Trends #Infographic

Everybody loves a good infographic and this one, on the 2015 internet trends, does not disappoint. Check out the highlights of KPCB’s Internet trends report in this easy visual format.

4. Audience Engagement Rule #1: Don’t Annoy Your Audience

Have you ever read a blog or social media posts that just annoyed you? We all have and there are a number of things that can annoy your audience if you aren’t careful. Apparently a lot of businesses wanted to be sure they weren’t on the annoying list because this was one of our most popular posts for the year. Check out these 10 web practices that are just annoying so you can avoid them!

5. Google Changes the Google My Business Verification Process

As we mentioned in the intro, 2015 was a year of change and some days it seemed that most of the changes were coming from Google. They certainly like to keep everyone on their toes with algorithm changes, technology advancements and all the rest, but since it is Google they all matter – a lot. Including this change that they made to the Google My Business verification process. If you didn’t see this post when it was originally published you need to read it now.

6. Are You All About Your Data?

Another of our top posts for the year is the “I’m All About That Data” music video! All mentions of your business online are important. Watch the video and you’ll understand why. Feel free to sing along.

7. Make Sure Your Business’s SEO Is Ready for 2016

A lot has happened in the last year in search and digital marketing as you can see just from our top 10 posts. And, in keeping with 2015, 2016 has some new SEO trends on the horizon that businesses need to be watching for so as to not be left behind in the new year. Check out some of the exciting changes in SEO that are coming your way!

8. Hey Look Google Made Another Change!

The search world let out a collective gasp when Google announced it was reducing its 7 pack to just a 3-pack earlier this year. This took the ranking competition up a notch or two and takes the importance of Local SEO to a whole new level. To learn more about the change and how to make sure your business ends up in the 3-pack when consumers are looking for your products or services, check out this post.

9. Out of Ideas of What to Blog About?

Businesses here it over and over again, when it comes to digital marketing – you need to blog and you need to blog consistently. That is a lot of blogging and your brain can eventually go blank on new ideas and content for your blogs. Has that happened to you? Then read on for great ideas to get the creative juices flowing!

10. Did We Mention that Google Made a Lot of Changes in 2015?

Google did it again, they announced another change and this one is another one for Google My Business. If you thought once your business was listed on Google My Business that you never had to do anything with it again, think again! Google is now ensuring that you manage that listing or face the possibility of being dropped. To make sure your Google My Business listing stays in good standing make sure you read this post on what you need to do and how.

I hope you have enjoyed this trip down memory lane and maybe learned from a post you may have missed when it was first published.

Are you amazed at how much has happened in just one year? Comment below and let’s discuss.

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