Where’s Alex From Target? Will Bad Data Keep His Fan Girls From Finding Him…

Can three star-struck girls find Alex from Target in time? Not if bad data keeps sending them to the wrong location! Find out if they find him by watching the newest video in the #MoData series featuring Alex Lee.

We partnered with Media Distribution Solutions in creating this video to emphasize the importance of data accuracy online for local businesses and brands. NAP data (Name / Address / Phone Number) accuracy, also referred to as citations, is a serious issue for businesses and their online visibility is at stake.

The three #AlexFanGirls in the video can’t find Alex because when they search for Delish Bubble Tea the Google My Business listing on their mobile devices gives them the wrong address and multiple locations. When they finally arrive to the right location, do they find Alex? Watch the video and find out.

As the story unwinds you’ll find yourself experiencing a roller coaster of emotions, much like what happens when you run a search for a business online today and end up at the wrong location at least 50% of the time.

Business owners that do not take control of their online data run the risk of losing potential customers on a daily basis.

What happens when a business has inaccurate or bad data online?

  • Lose potential customers and consumer trust
  • Drive business to competitors that have accurate online data
  • Negative effect on rankings in search results

 How can a business safeguard their online visibility?

  • Verify / clean up bad NAP data on search engines and directory websites
  • Monitor social media and review sites and respond accordingly
  • Use a digital presence management service like Local Site Submit’s Local Safeguard™

Even though the performers in this video are teenagers they represent all consumers because, let’s face it, when we want to buy something, find something or do something we go online and to our mobile devices.

Do you connect with the message in this video? Share it online. We want all businesses to get their online data right, so next time you or one of your friends run a search you will end up at the right location the first time.

Everyone that shares the video online with the #MoData hashtag is entered into a contest to win an autographed Alex from Target (Alex Lee) t-shirt. You can also enter the contest by posting a photo of you drinking bubble tea with the same hashtag.

Take Control of Your Data TODAY – visit LocalSiteSubmit.com/alex to run a free online visibility report. If you are an agency run this report on one of your customer’s locations. The results will surprise you.

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