Bernadette Coleman Lands a Home Run at #DFWSEO!

Bernie Coleman presents at DFWSEOI was really excited to have the opportunity to hear Bernadette Coleman, Advice Interactive CEO, recently present at the DFW Interactive Marketing, Internet SEO & SEM Meetup.

Bernadette started in this industry in 2006 as a consultant, just like me, and has accomplished great things.

Her presentation focused on local SEO, social media and content.

Attendees left with many great takeaways. For me, her presentation affirmed everything I have been telling business owners since starting my business in 2009.

My favorite moments:

  • “Blog about your blog on other blogs!” Meaning, guest blog on 3rd party websites and link to blog posts on your website.
  • “Mobile users looking at your website are ready to make purchases.” Make it easy for them to buy by having a mobile friendly website.
  • “Not responding to customers that post feedback and questions on social media can end up turning into a bad online review.” A simple question or statement that isn’t responded to can create a negative snowball effect for your company.
  • “Tips are good sharebait!” I loved this statement and when she said it I totally thought, “You go, Bernie!” I have been sharing tips online for years and encouraging others to do the same. I had never really thought of it as sharebait before now. Definitely going to call it sharebait in the future.
  • “Add FAQs to your website based on questions you get asked by customers.” I must admit when she said this it was like a wakeup call. I have been addressing FAQ questions in blogs for years, but never really have given them their own section on my website. Another thought that came to mind for me was that listing each FAQ as its own page is a great way to feed the Google monster with lots of pages on your website for indexing.

This was the first time I officially got to hear my new boss lady present. I was wowed! I knew she was smart; I mean after all she hired me. Lol! She has now been added to my list of super duper smart friends! Those of you who know me know I keep a short list of peeps I can turn to in an instance for knowledge, resources and help. Bernie has made the list. She might decide later, “Oh, great” after I have tortured her with random emails and questions.

In the meantime I am going to learn everything I can from the super duper smart CEO, and I suggest you do the same.

Looking forward to seeing you online and at Bernadette’s next presentation!

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