Does Your Client Need Mobile Responsive Design?

The quick answer is absolutely!

The need for responsive website design is a tricky concept for many business owners to grasp.  People are conditioned to be skeptical and say “no” when they think they are being sold.  Your job as an SEO sales professional is to break down the wall of disbelief, find out what marketing advice your client needs, and start the education process.

Improving Your Sales Pitch with Google Insights

Visuals go a long way when telling a story to a client, so I’m going to tell this story with a custom infographic from Google Think Insights’ new Databoard.  You can create custom infographics through their Databoard by combing through their provided studies which currently include:

  • Mobile Search Moments
  • The New Multi-Screen World
  • Mobile In-Store Research
  • YouTube Insights: July 2013
  • Our Mobile Planet
  • Non-Profit Path to Donation

Introducing Mrs. Client

Now we’re on to the brief presentation of this infographic. The highly articulate Mrs. Client is going to play the part of devil’s advocate in my hypothetical client interaction.

Mrs. Client:  “I know mobile search is important, but I’m not really sure it applies to my business.  I obviously need to be where my customers are looking, but I can’t afford to be everywhere.  How do I know where to draw the line?”

You:  “It’s no secret that people are always glued to a screen of some sort.  You wake up, check your phone, go to work, hop online, go home, sit on the couch, watch TV, browse on your tablet, check your phone and go to bed.  Did you know that 90% of all media interaction are screen based?  It goes to show, when people need information they plug into their favorite devices….”

Google Insights Infographic

You (continued): “… and when we plug into those devices, we take our time.  Per interaction, we spend almost as much time on computers as we do sitting in front of the TV.”

Google Insights Infographic 2

Mrs. Client: “So TVs, computers, tablets, and cell phones are important…. Tell me something I don’t know.  How do I decide where to target first?”

You: “I think it makes the most sense to target where you know people are looking.  38% of all our media interactions take place on a smartphone.  We have it with us at all times, and we can get instant information when we need it.  When someone pulls up your website online, first impressions are everything.  Without a mobile responsive design, your text is small, your links are hard to click on, and your site is difficult to navigate.”

Google Insights Custom Infographic 4

Pro Tip: Use quotes to support your point!

Google Insights Infographic 5

You: “People use their smartphones for social networking, browsing the Internet, managing their finances, and shopping online.  Being as it is the most common starting point for so many online activities, doesn’t it make sense to target where the customer journey begins?”

Google Insights Infographic 6

You: “Smartphones tie our online experience together. We depend on them and use them all day. A mobile responsive site translates from the smartphone to the tablet to the computer and ensures that your customer gets the best user experience possible when they enter your site. You only get one chance to make the first impression, and customers will make judgments on your business based on your appearance. A mobile responsive site will give you the best chance to win over your audience.”

Google Insights Custom Infographic 7

Below, you will find a link to the custom infographic I created to help illustrate the value of mobile responsive sites.  I’ve added a few points to my infographic, which are not included in this blog to further support the case for investing in a responsive mobile site.  In the first 5 seconds of a website visit, the user makes a judgment on the business.  A poor user experience will drastically lower the conversion rate of the site moving your client further and further away from their goals.  All the keyword rankings and site traffic in the world mean nothing unless that traffic converts into business.

Check out my infographic, build your own and reply in the comments below with your work!  The best infographic wins a coffee nod of approval and an Advice Interactive Group bottle opener!!  Cheers!

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