Infographic: How to Get More Likes on Facebook

If you’ve ever had experience running a Facebook brand page, you know the first step in growing your brand’s presence socially is by attracting people to your page. But in a time when everyone and their dog (literally, dogs have Facebook fan pages now) has a Facebook page vying for the attention of the same people you’re trying to target, it can be a difficult and frustrating experience.

So what do you do? The answer lies in the following infographic by Kissmetrics:

How to Get More Likes on Facebook - Infographic
Source: How to Get More Likes on Facebook – Infographic

The key to successful social media marketing is to work smarter, not harder. Consider how you’ve been sharing information in the past—are you posting and sharing quality bits of information your followers find interesting? Do you post at a time when you know your followers will be paying attention to you? If your strategy hasn’t been working or you’re not seeing the results you hoped to see, it’s time to try something new. But, like the infographic says, always remember to do what’s right for you and your brand, whatever that may be.

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