Interactive Infographic: Olympic Athlete Body Match

Olympic Athlete Body MatchInteractive Olympic Infographic

So, it’s Infographic Wednesday and you don’t see an infographic. Surely your mind is racing and you’re wondering what has gone wrong with the world. The answer is: “Nothing has gone wrong with the world.” I have simply found a more interactive infographic courtesy of the BBC UK with data provided by the 2012 Olympics.

Let’s begin, shall we?

First, I went to Your Olympic Athlete Body Match. From there I dialed in my height and weight. Next, I received my results. At my current height and weight, I roughly equate to weight lifter Ivan Efremov of Uzbekistan. The man is no doubt a talented athlete and, without question, his lifestyle is healthier than mine. So I had to push the comparisons. I had to compare myself to my lightest high school weight.

Morbid Curiosity

I plugged in my stats at ‘the most healthy’ I’ve ever been. Much to my surprise, it turned up Six Seven Time Gold Medalist, Sir Chris Hoy. If that wasn’t depressing enough, he’s actually a few years older than I. Ah well, I suppose life goes on. Sir Chris Hoy will never destroy a blog post better than I.

A Lesson Learned

The entire point of this post is infographics don’t necessarily have to be about a single link, one image and some anchor text. They can engage users like none other and provide link bait throughout the process. Tell me that a single Olympic discussion forum has been spared.

Me Too!!! Me Too!!!

How can this magic happen? Raw information, that’s the prime ingredient for any infographic study. How can one get this information? It’s simple, just use the data provided in this 2012 Olympics statistical doc. *Though it seems kind of broken right now.* You might also try this table for 2012 Olympics Days 1-6 statistics. After that, you’re only limited by your creativity.

Who’s your Olympic Athlete Body Match?


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