Internet Explorer is Going Away: Microsoft’s Project Spartan To Save the Day?

Microsoft’s Project Spartan It would seem that the rumors and the wishful thinking of many (if not everyone) have come true and Microsoft has now confirmed that Internet Explorer is going away. (Yippee!) In the midst of the cheering that I am sure followed such an announcement, they have also said that they are working on its replacement, which currently remains nameless but tagged as Project Spartan.

Microsoft’s Project Spartan – The Hero?

If the project name, even though temporary, means anything then this new Microsoft browser should be clean, powerful and focused on nothing but its duty to those of us using it. This would be a welcome respite from the trials and tribulations of Internet Explorer.

The naming of “Project Spartan” seems to be holding the tech world spellbound as we do all love a good guessing game; however, just to spur on the curiosity, Microsoft is keeping name hush-hush for now except for the teaser that it will have the name Microsoft in front of it. They are doing quite a bit of research on the name and have found that by putting Microsoft in front of whatever name they come up with might actually win back some of the Google Chrome users that migrated away from Explorer after much frustration.

Internet Explorer will not disappear completely (boohoo). It will still be around in some older versions of windows. So, if you are one of those that will miss Internet Explorer, you still have a way to access it on older computers and it has been said that it will still be an option on the new Windows 10, but, beware, not all of Explorer’s capabilities will be supported by the new rendering engine.

While Project Spartan’s official name may be a mystery, but some of the improvements and new features are not.

Microsoft’s Project Spartan New Browser Features

  • A new rendering engine
  • Inking support that lets you annotate webpages and then sync them for collaboration
  • Reading mode that will be similar in function to Apple’s Safari
  • Integration with Cortana, which aids in directions, restaurant reservations, checking flights, etc.

All of these things seem to bode quite well for the new browser and Microsoft, but admittedly I am going to be a “let’s wait and see” person. It looks like we will all have to wait until closer to the release of Windows 10 before anyone will know if “Project Spartan” turns out to be as great as they are hyping it to be.

Will you be jumping ship from Google Chrome and swim back over to a Microsoft browser? Personally, I already run three browsers on my computer at most times. I could use a fourth.

At that point we will have to see if Chrome then rallies to the Spartan battle cry.

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