Keeping Content Creative For Local Markets

I would love to tell creative writers everywhere that content writing for small business clients is full of fantastical wonder and every page can be filled with beautiful prose you would want to read to your child at night.

If you’ve come to this article with this expectation, accept my utmost apology. There is no fantasy involved in content writing for websites, but it doesn’t mean that your creativity has to be completely stifled. And your kids may fall asleep really quickly after reading them the content of some websites.

Kill Boring Content Woes

While writing for local SEO clients, you might find things such as outlining what happens in, say, a sewer line installation a bit boring. However, if you were in need of such a thing, perhaps your opinion would change. As our lives evolve from renters to home owners, from singles to couples, from young to old, (you catch my drift), the things we find interesting evolve too.

So don’t discount the content you write as a bore. Write it with full confidence that it is useful information to someone out there who is looking to get a sewer installed, even if you’re writing the content from a chic urban penthouse, laughing, scoffing and tutt-tutting at such things.

Take It From the Top

You may know this information already, but it’s best we start with and at the top.

Headings or H1s or H2s are not just for SEO purposes, but they provide structure to a site.

Headings tell people what that page is about, along with the title tag.

To use the same example, Sewer Line Installations Anytown, USA is a basic and effective H1.

  • It’s pretty important that they should include keywords and geo targets. The company won’t perform sewer installations in all of the world, so targeting the right audience in the right place is most important.
  • The subheadings, however, can be more engaging to the reader and a bit more flare can be added. Think of headlines of your favorite journal or blog or website (within reason). Maybe the company has a trademark motto that you can incorporate? Or perhaps there is something you discovered in your sewer line installation research that provides some word play.

Here are some examples of snazzy headings that come to mind.

  • (h2)We Help Find a Way Out of Your Plumbing Problems. (Finding a way out is sewer-y related)
  • (h3 and beyond) The Sewer, The Better. (Suggests both quality sewer installations, and that the installation is performed promptly)
  • (h3 and beyond) Connecting Up. (Sewer lines involve connecting the house sewer to the main sewer line, so this is related and can be used for a heading before the call to action / contact us).

Of course, simple straightforward headlines such as How Sewer Lines Work or How is a Sewer Line Installed? are also effective, but you’ll probably find thousands of headings just like that on sites about this topic.

A Healthy (Content) Body

So we’ve covered headings, but the content is still very important. Less fluff and more substance is definitely the way to go. Headings need to engage your audience but the body of content still needs to be good and skim-friendly. Knowing they have professionalism is grand, but knowing what the company actually does in detail is grander. Why?

  • Most people don’t want to read paragraphs and paragraphs of information.
  • They want to find the information they’re looking for quickly so they can make a decision on it.
  • Bullet points like this are easy to read and excellent places to link to other helpful pages.

Act Now, or Today, or Eventually

Once all of the nitty-gritty information is written beautifully, has educated the user, and made the user’s experience legendary, your pages will usually end with what is called a Call To Action (CTA). Normally, there is a link to the contact us page and a phone number listed. Keeping it simple is fine, but there is room for a little finesse.

Maybe You Could Ask A Question?

People feel more engaged and like participants when they are asked questions. If you think about it, when you talk to someone about something, they may or may not react, respond, or comment. But if you ask them a question, they are obliged to respond in some way. Put it to the test in your CTA.

Do you want a plumber with a reputation for excellence?

Are you ready to end your sewer problems today?

And then

Contact [company] now at 214-310-1356.

Are you ready to share this insightful blog with everyone you know? Contact them today!

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