How Doctor Who and Quantum Physics Can Help with Your SEO Content Writing

Dr. WhoIn honor of fellow sci-fi fans gearing up for Halloween, I wanted to talk about the longest-running science fiction television show in the world. That’s right folks; I’m talking about Doctor Who. But what in the world does Doctor Who have to do with content writing? More than you know. Doctor Who has become a worldwide sensation through TV, the Internet and word of mouth, and while most content won’t get businesses seen on such a large scale, you can use many similar methods to reach your target audience.

Quantum Content–A Revolution for Time Lords (and Copywriters)

Quantum physics involves the theory that energy comes in small, discrete units. In much the same way, quantum content is revolutionizing the Internet marketing world. With less and less time to read content, it is important to give website visitors content that is short and sweet. But your content also needs “strength in numbers.” It needs depth and variety that includes more than just a basic web page.

A successful SEO content writing campaign must have relevant, updated, interesting graphics, media and blog posts to back up the words. The graphic below shows how, like a time lord, you can regenerate; in this case, you are regenerating content.

The Word Chef – Branding and Marketing Coach/Consultant

Why Doctor Who’s Success Can Translate into Branding Success

There are three recurring themes in Doctor Who that a content writer or Internet marketer can apply to their campaigns in an effort to make a website go viral in their marketplace.

  1. Be A Hero

    Everyone loves a hero, there’s no doubt about that, and Doctor Who has been a heroic household name for half a century. So, how can you be a hero like Doctor Who? It’s simple; provide informative content. If a consumer is looking for an emergency plumber or HVAC technician in the middle of the night, and your site provides the immediate solution, you become a hero. While you may not have a sonic screwdriver or the ability to travel through time and space, you can certainly provide access to knowledge that can empower a consumer.

  2. Make Friends

    It’s not often you see the Doctor traveling without a companion, and everywhere he goes he is making new friends and enemies. In the real world this is called networking. Networking can get your content talked about and shared out there on the web, allowing more potential consumers to see it and recommend it to others. Your Internet friends all over the world can share content you have written on their websites, blogs, social media, and more.

  3. Tell Continuing Stories

    Weeping AngelDalekHow many episodes of Doctor Who have involved the ongoing battle with the Daleks or the creepy, powerful, weeping angels? It’s part of what’s known as the character’s “mythology.”

    While many of us agree that we are ready for the Doctor’s enemies to just go ahead and die already, the threat of their return is also what keeps people watching for years. It links episodes together and makes you want to learn more.

    Copywriters can do something similar with our content by creating related blogs, videos, and web pages. Plus, we can also leave the consumer wanting more by promoting recurring “themes” over time, using informative and entertaining two- or even three-part blog posts and articles. This ensures that people will want to come back again and again, giving you more opportunities to convert them into loyal repeat customers.

The Lesson of the TARDIS–Less is More

What are the famous words every new companion says when first entering the TARDIS? That’s right, “It’s bigger on the inside!” That’s exactly what your content should be, which brings us back to the whole concept behind quantum content. It provides a lot of useful information to a reader by using smaller bits of content linked together to form a bigger idea. As blogger Tea Silvestre states in her blog How Doctor Who Can Help You Craft a Timelessly Engaging Marketing Message, “Your website is your TARDIS. It’s your vehicle or platform for delivering all that juicy content across the web. Its interior size is limited only by your imagination, and can have as many rooms as you need to tell your story.”

So next time you feel like you’re just another blogger or writer in a cubicle, remember you can be a Content Lord. Transform into a hero with your company, and consumers by using these creative quantum content strategies.

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  1. Nicely done, Raven! Always fun to read something related to my favorite Doctor. Even better to see my infographic out in the wilds of the interwebz.

    1. Raven Vela says:

      Well thank you so much for providing the infographic. It was one of the most creative things I’ve ever seen, and thanks for commenting! It’s great to hear from someone who is not just another Doctor Who fan but a blogger as well. Your opinion means a lot.

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