SEO Trends at the Halfway Point in 2012

We Were Just Here, What Was the Point of That?

In Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up routine about horse racing, he discusses what the horses must think when they get to the end of their race and realize they’ve come full circle and are back where they started. To quote the horse (CD audio version), “That was the longest possible route you could take to get where you wanted to be!”

I think a lot of us in the Internet marketing and SEO industry can feel like the race horse above does when we deal with the aftermath of changes Google makes. In a very broad view, Google’s devaluing and penalizing of links and poor content is essentially creating a law (if you want to rank) where there is none. The lawlessness of the Wild West brought around the need for “law men” to enforce the lawlessness. The search engine Wild West  has clearly become lawless and if we want to rank, what the search engines require of us is our law. Unfortunately, it’s always the fault of “the few” who create the need for such “law.”

What I find especially interesting about these laws is that if the industry had kept doing things for the user in the first place, the blogs wouldn’t be abuzz with all the “Whoa is me and my link building strategy!” commentary. The chaps across the pond at Indus Net Technologies created a nice infographic on the current trends in 2012 regarding SEO. Click on the graphic below to view the larger version on their site.

SEO Trends

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