Advice Interactive Joins TryMunity in Encouraging Survivors to Keep Fighting

Dallas-based Internet marketing firm, Advice Interactive Group, launched the TryMunity social network for survivor support and is partnering with the online social community to help it become a supportive resource to individuals, families, and groups of people who are fighting life’s unexpected.

A traumatic experience is life-altering. Not only does it affect the victim, but their family and friends are afflicted as well. Whether you or your loved one have endured a severe accident, suffered a serious injury, or battled an illness, TryMunity is available as a supportive community for survivors to share their story. Everyone’s story is different, but the road to recovery can have its similarities. TryMunity is a place to share these experiences, such as the treatment and recovery processes. As an online social network community, TryMunity is here for survivors of traumatic life experiences as well as their family and supporters to connect and share encouraging words through a survivor support network.

Encouragement, like a smile, is universal and contagious. Building a strong social network of acquaintances online can encourage survivors and give them and their families the confidence they need for positive recoveries. Studies show that social networking can actually elevate moods and improve overall well-being. People using a social network feel more connected and have a stronger sense of community. Thus, this social support network has the potential to lessen the residual stress that typically occurs following a stirring, life-altering event. By being a part of TryMunity, you will be joining a community of supporters, fighters and survivors coming together and giving encouragement, hope and prayers.

Recently, social networking sites that steer toward a particular purpose have grown in popularity and increased demand. These unique sites provide users with beneficial support by getting acquainted with others undertaking problems similar to their own. TryMunity focuses on providing a support network for people who have suffered an injury or illness such as cancer, Traumatic Brain Injury, heart attack, and many other life-changing situations.

Advice Interactive encourages individuals to join TryMunity today and be a part of a heart-warming community full of inspiring stories from survivors and fighters of traumatic events, and take this opportunity to share yours. Get involved, get inspired, and give back. Share your story, and experience how TryMunity can help you on your road to recovery.

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