What The Hunger Games Can Teach Us About SEO: Part 2

In my previous post, What The Hunger Games Can Teach Us About SEO: Part 1, I discussed the age-old dilemma of book-to-screen adaptations. The movie adaptation usually leaves “details and story elements” out from the book leaving you with a less than stellar experience much like black hat SEO companies can only offer you a quick-fix Page Rank instead of the long-tail success that an above-the-fold company like Advice Interactive Group can offer.

In Part 2, I want to examine the choices of the young adult heroine in The Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen, and how they can be object lessons for choosing a high caliber Internet marketing and SEO company.

Object Lesson 1: Find A Bow and Arrows

Does your SEO firm know what they’re good at and does it play to those strengths? Katniss Everdeen is a dead shot with a bow and arrow. Upon entering the fight-to-the-death arena with nothing and acting against the advice of her mentor, she runs to the center of the starting circle after a bow and arrow and almost loses her life in the opening seconds of the battle. Katniss knows the bow is her only chance of survival.

In my previous post, I stated that search engine optimization cannot be sold in a box. On the surface, standing on a single strength sounds contradictory and much like selling one thing in a box. However, my point about SEO-in-a-Box is that good SEO is not a one size fits all formula. Search engine ranking isn’t a checklist of services (wrapped up and sold in a box) resulting in magical Page 1 rankings.

A company should know what it is good at and much like Katniss and her bow, do everything it can to use its strengths as an advantage. It may be the difference between success and failure. Advice Interactive Group’s “bow and arrows” are web design and original optimized content. These two things set our Dallas SEO Firm above the competition where “Content is King.”

Object Lesson 2: Form Smart Alliances

Does your SEO service form quantity alliances or quality alliances? Katniss forms an alliance with the smallest player in the game because the skills and information this player possesses is of great advantage to her. Together they use their complementary strengths to distract the larger (in numbers, size, and experience) group of players to pull off a devastating blow (literally) to their supply stash.

Over the last year, Advice Interactive has formed quality alliances with exceptional local directory submission professionals, Google Places optimization experts, and developed the Local Search Tool which gives existing businesses a local visibility snapshot of their online presence. These tools and experts are Advice Interactive properties formed with the customer and quality service in mind. Advice forms strategic alliances to better improve our product so that yours improves in turn.

Object Lesson 3: Don’t Let the Capitol Change You

Does your SEO company stand steady in their work and best practices? Miss Everdeen and her male counterpart from District 12 discuss not letting the ominous few (those in the Capitol) who ultimately decide the course of their lives change who they are no matter what is imposed upon them.

Despite what best practices Google promises will rank, there is a tipping point where SEO is ultimately in the search engine’s hands. To extrapolate further, even if you Page 1 Rank, the decision to click on a link ultimately falls to the end-user. Google can act as the Capitol at times and often makes decisions affecting the course of our searches and SEO efforts. The algorithm is constantly changing giving more weight to fresh blog content one month and quality on-page links the next. How does an SEO firm keep up without changing who they are or what they do well?

There is a difference between changing your company strategy and adapting to the changing environment. Advice Interactive Group offers on-going SEO services to help keep your business’s online presence cutting edge. On-going SEO allows Advice to stay true to the core values of quality original content and individualized design and strategy while allowing us to adapt to the changes in search engine policies. Internet marketing is a multi-pronged approach and a simple website from your ISP or a free service can promise ranking results; but the truth is without on-going SEO, your site will fall into search result oblivion fast.

A Compelling Story

Advice Interactive Group is the original story or book that doesn’t leave out the nuances or details and doesn’t cut important plot points or sell characters short. Advice Interactive is a full-service Internet marketing firm that takes pride in its core competencies, smart alliances and partnerships, and offers on-going services to stay on top of the ever changing landscape of search engine optimization with steady balance. Contact Advice for web design, internet marketing, on-going SEO, local directory submissions, reputation management, and more at 214-310-1356.

Happy Search Engine Optimization! And may the search results be ever in your favor!

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