Why You Need SEO

What is SEO, and Why do I Need It?

In conversations with peers and family members in other industries, often times I find myself explaining what I do for a living. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its importance to mankind in the modern world. For example, when I explain what I do to my family, I say something in respect to, “I help businesses get found on search engines like Google and Yahoo.” Then I get the puzzled look, so I go on to say, “I work on clients’ websites to make sure their website shows up on the organic section of the page results.” At this time I have confused most and almost always get the response, “Oh, so you are a web designer?” I say, “No, actually, I take what the designer and developer build and make the website get found by the client’s targeted audience. I use code, popular keywords, and links that are specific to each client’s audience.”

My point is, SEO is not your “typical job” you can explain to most people. However, Search Engine Optimization is a career choice that has led me to explore the realm of the ever evolving way the Internet has taken center stage for the most efficient way of matching products and services with consumers. My previous years in advertising gave me a first hand glimpse at the beginnings of search engine optimization several years ago when a client said to me, “I did a search for my type of service and your website (my employer at the time) was not on the first two pages. How can you help my business find online customers if I can’t find your company?

“How can you help my business find online customers if I can’t find your company?”

In summary, the entire gamete that now comprises SEO, including social media, is like your local water company that supplies water to your business, e.g. potential customers. An expert Las Vegas SEO consultant with a solid SEO strategy will bring visibility, traffic, and life to your business’s website.

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