Dallas Customer Relationship Management

dallas customer relationship managementDollars and cents speak loud and clear in the business arena, but corporate success extends beyond a healthy profit and loss statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flow.  The one thing capable of tipping the scales away from the dollars and cents is your reputation.  What your customers, vendors and even your competition say about you speaks volumes about the success and the future of your business.

With social media, blogs, the press and search engines all utilizing the technology that makes up our information era your reputation could be published, for better or for worse, by adoring or admonishing fans.  Technology provides a myriad of ways for individuals to express their personal approval or displeasure in real-time.  Are you willing to leave your reputation in the hands of individuals who may or may not have an inkling of what your business is all about?  At Advice Interactive Group we provide Dallas customer relationship management services to keep your good name in good standing.

Dallas Customer Relationship Management Services

At Advice Interactive Group we know that over the past decade online shopping has increased in popularity at a rather astonishing rate.  In the United States e-commerce sales increased from 256 billion dollars in 2011 to 289 billion dollars in 2012.  Shoppers are savvy, smart and they shop around.  In today’s competitive e-commerce industry it’s important to build and maintain a strong reputation.  That’s why we focus on keeping the most favorable aspects of your company visible.  We want potential customers searching for your business to discover all the advantages they’ll score on when they choose you.  Don’t let one unhappy customer tarnish your reputation with negative reviews and unfounded criticism.  We can combat the deleterious comments, posts and other verbiage floating around the Internet so potential customers aren’t inundated with falsehoods before they can begin forming their own opinion.

Dallas Customer Relationship Management Strategy

Our customer relationship management strategy is simple.   We find the negative criticism and we combat it with our arsenal of effective tools.  If you have been slandered online, we have the skills and expertise to keep negative remarks off the first page of search engine results.  It’s our proven strategies that get you back in the game, rebuilding a reputable brand that consumers can trust.  Some of our tools aid in reversing the following:

  • Negative press and reviews
  • Social media attacks
  • Rip-off reports
  • Negative search results
  • Abusive blog posts

Something you may also consider is the search results that potential customers will see when they are looking for you.  We’ve discussed the possibility of negative comments and reviews, but it’s also possible that they may not see anything.  If you’re a fledgling company and you don’t have much of an online reputation yet, or even if you’re a seasoned business that’s late getting to the Internet party, we can help you get off on the right foot.

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Gaining and maintaining a good reputation puts you in a position of power.  Your good name is especially important in the competitive e-commerce industry.  We can help you build it and improve it when necessary.

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