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Dallas Logo DesignWhen many people think of a company’s “brand”, they often think about the logo. While there is more to a brand than just your logo, it is a critical part of your overall brand strategy. The logo you choose is a design that will represent your business to customers and potential customers on everything from your website and the side of your building to your letterhead, business cards, advertising, brochures, and more. It also provides the anchor for your company colors, and can become a shorthand way for customers to recognize you.

Hiring the right Dallas logo design firm is important to get an appropriate “face” for your company, carefully choosing the best colors and most appropriate visual and graphical representation to connect with your target audiences. You may not even be aware of how the different elements, from the typeface that you use to the shape of the logo, can affect consumer perceptions. For example, circles and rounded shapes often convey trust and service, while angular or bold logos might be better utilized in a high-tech firm where speed and technology are key components of the product or service offered.

Dallas Logo Design Services

At Advice Interactive, our experienced designers offer comprehensive Dallas logo design services to help you identify key brand elements and incorporate them into your logo. We work to craft a sophisticated design that will become the lasting symbol for your business for years to come.

Our design services begin with an honest evaluation of your company, including an audit of any existing logos or designs that you have used in the past or are currently using. We want to have a candid discussion about the personality and tone of your business, and where you see your company going in the future. If you haven’t had this discussion internally, we recommend you take a few minutes to talk about it with your key stakeholders so you have a clear, cohesive vision coming into your logo design.

If you already have a logo and you’re working on a redesign, we will take some time to review your existing logo (and past logos if you have redesigned it before), including the existing colors and design elements that you use. We will also go over what aspects and colors you might want to carry over from previous designs, and how that carryover will affect the new logo you envision.

The next step is to discuss your budget and what your logo design services will include. We will thoroughly review the process, including a projected timeline and the level of collaboration and input we anticipate you will have throughout the process.

Dallas Logo Design Strategy

The process of developing a new logo begins with you and your company. If you have worked with graphic design firms in the past that want to make it all about their designs and their vision, we invite you to come find out why Advice Interactive is different. Our Dallas logo design strategy is centered on the customer, developing the key elements of the logo based on your business, your goals, and your audience.

The right design strategy will not only produce a beautiful logo, it should be the cornerstone of your brand and contribute to a significant return on investment, helping you build trust with your customers, convey competence and professionalism, increase sales, and improve the value of your brand. Our logo design strategy will help you create a coherent visual identity that incorporates complimentary colors, fonts, and designs you can replicate on all your business and marketing collateral.

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