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Dallas Web AnalyticsIf maintaining your website isn’t part of what you’re passionate about, Advice Interactive Group is here to help you keep a constant flow of traffic to your site while allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

An important part of maintaining a strong online presence is updating content regularly with important new information.  At Advice Interactive, we offer web analytics services to determine which SEO tools are most effective at doing what they are designed to do – bringing users and customers to your site.

Dallas Web Analytics Services

Our Dallas web analytics services place the emphasis on determining how your PPC campaigns, social media efforts and SEO are working for your business.  This further allows you to adapt and change your marketing efforts to put your time and money where it is most effective.  Our data analytics services include:

  • A monitoring of engagement, visits, keywords, landing pages, traffic and other important campaign analytics.
  • Observations of referral traffic from popular social networks like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.
  • Showing your return on investment for social media and SEO campaigns you have implemented in the past.

These are just a few of the valuable services our data analytics team can provide in an effort to create the custom strategy that is most effective for your website and business.

Dallas Web Analytics Strategy

Web analytics can be used to provide insight to further help you customize your SEO efforts and strategies.  Whether it’s a specific ad campaign or trying out a new keyword, Advice Interactive Group can help you to monitor how effective your money is, and what kind of return you can hope to see on your investment.

Our Dallas web analytics strategy combines the following pieces of information into a whole to help customize your efforts:

  • Page visits
  • Views on a page
  • Average time a user is on your site
  • Bounce rate
  • Traffic details for your site
  • Websites that provide the most referrals to your site
  • Most effective keywords

Our strategy involves taking each piece of information and applying it in a way that gives you simple insight into how to focus your marketing dollars and efforts. Web analytics are necessary to determine what is working and what should be pulled, and Advice Interactive Group offers our services to find the information and show you how to apply it to your website.

Websites require constant maintenance and updating to ensure that they are at the top spot in the search engine results.  Without information regarding what keywords and campaigns are most successful at brining users to your site, it’s a shot in the dark to pick the right ones.  At Advice Interactive Group, we have the knowledge, experience and expertise necessary to turn simple numbers and equations into valuable tools and increased traffic for any website.

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