Digital QA and Maintenance Assistant

Digital marketing company looking for a Digital Quality Assurance and Maintenance assistant to aid in workflow and processes.  They will be responsible for assisting with overall implementation and management of Quality Assurance (QA) program and ensuring that quality objectives established by management are met.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for QA activities
  • Responsible for maintaining all QA documents
  • Managing QA and maintenance teams to ensure accuracy
  • Understanding workflows and processes to accurate report
  • Coordinate proficiency testing
  • Act as primary contact during audits
  • Reports and reviews results of the analysis
  • Conduct internal audits and make recommendations for corrective action
  • Provide technical assistance to project managers and executives on issues
  • Other duties

Required Experience:

1+ year experience in digital marketing, quality assurance and maintenance processes

Required License or Certification:

Valid Driver’s License
Send resume to Alison Thornton,