Local Search Optimization

Local Search Optimization

Local search rankings have always been important to the visibility and overall performance of local businesses, and with the increasing popularity of mobile search, local SEO has become even more important. Mobile devices track your GPS location and give users local search results nearest them. Having a strong local web presence will help your business show up based on the user’s geo-location.

Local Trust Factors - Local SEO Strategy
Local Trust Factors
Local trust factors such as social signals, reviews, and maps all help your business’s local search performance.
Website Traffic
Drive Traffic & Leads
Drive more traffic and leads to your website with a solid, comprehensive local SEO strategy that works for you.
Local SEO Rankings
Get Local Rankings
Local SEO improves your business’s local rankings and search performance for the geotargeted keywords you need.

Our Marketing Services

Local SEO Tools

SEO ToolsLocal search optimization is an important component of any online marketing strategy. How does your website compare with your local market? To improve your business’s visibility and rankings for regional or city specific keywords Advice uses several tools, including some we developed, for small businesses:

By 2015, 30% of all search volume will have local intent.

Local SEO Services

Our local SEO services include keyword research, structured website markup, local site architecture, and local directory and citation submission services.

Advice Interactive Group is a local SEO company offering comprehensive local SEO services to help businesses:

  • Drive more local traffic to their site
  • Improve local search rankings
  • Provide consistent, accurate business listings across all major directory and citation sources

Keyword Research

Geotargeted keyword research is what drives the success of any local SEO strategy. Knowing what terms to target and how best to target them is something our SEO professionals have had plenty of experience with. We’ll compile a list of top performing keywords and implement those into your overall local SEO strategy to improve your website’s local visibility and traffic. Read more…

Structured Website Markup

When developing a website, structured data is stored in databases and then formatted into HTML, making it more difficult for search engines to recognize the original data. Structured website markups, or schemas, allow search engines to access certain data, such as a site’s location, more easily. Using schemas, our web development team ensures search engines have direct access to this structured data, improving your site’s local search results.

Website Architecture

After determining the most profitable cities to target, our local search team will create and optimize webpages specifically written for a geotargeted keyword phrase—for example, “coffee shops in Dallas.” Building an entire page’s worth of content catered to one location will increase your business’s chances of ranking well for that keyword phrase in that specified city. Read more…

Local Directory Submission

Our local search team will submit your business to high authority, geotargeted, and niche-specific directories. Having a prominent presence in all the major directories as well as geo- and industry-specific directories helps your business be seen by search engines for chosen keywords. We’ll correct inaccurate listings as well as submit new ones to ensure your business has displayed uniform, accurate information across the web. Read More…

Local SEO Citation

A citation source is simply a mention of your business’s information, such as your name, address, and phone number (NAP). Having varied citation sources across the web demonstrates your business as a leading authority in your industry, and search engines consider this when determining local search results. Our team will submit your business information to high quality citation sources relevant to your industry to help improve your local presence for a chosen keyword phrase.

Google, Bing, & Yahoo! Local

Advice’s local SEO services revolve around three main search engines: Goolge, Bing, and Yahoo!. Creating a business profile for each allows users to readily find your business no matter what search engine they’re using, as well as increase local trust factors such as reviews, business images, social signals, and social check-ins. Submission processes for Google, Bing, and Yahoo! all differ, and our local SEO professionals have experience collecting, formatting, and inputting the required information for an SEO-friendly business page.

To learn more about our local SEO services, contact Advice at 214-310-1356.