Pay Per Click Management

Pay per click (PPC) marketing is the only way to guarantee your business will show up for certain keyword terms. By bidding on specific search terms, a well-developed PPC campaign ensures your business will rank on some of the most competitive keywords for your industry. Our pay-per-click management services key strategies to increase your site's visibility and traffic.

Pay Per Click Speeds Web Marketing
Pay-per-click advertising is the only and fastest way to guarantee your business will show up on highly competitive search terms.
Papy Per Click Website Traffic
Website Traffic
PPC advertising allows marketers to target audiences for specific search terms, leading to more qualified traffic to your site.
PPC Delivers Maximum ROI
Maximum ROI
PPC campaigns allow you to pay only when someone clicks your business's advertisement, making it a cost-efficient investment.

PPC Management Services

PPC Management ServicesAdvice Interactive Group has extensive experience with pay per click (PPC) management for both local and national businesses. Depending on the client and type of campaign, paid search marketing (PPC) can be quite effective to get your business seen quickly for highly competitive search terms. The benefits of a well-developed PPC campaign include:

  • Fastest way to guarantee a position on the search engine results page
  • Ability to target keyword phrases not directly built on your site
  • No changes have to be made to your existing site to gain traffic
  • Users are more likely to convert if they click on a paid ad over an organic link
  • Testing and analysis of keywords and ad copy is simple

It’s often necessary to hire someone for PPC management. A professional PPC manager will be able to evaluate your PPC campaign on a day to day basis and adjust targeted keywords, landing pages, ad copy and more to create an effective PPC campaign.

 50% of people arriving at a retailer’s site from a paid ad are more likely to buy than those who came from an organic link.

Adwords Optimization & Management

Because Google is today’s leading search engine, our PPC management team specializes in Google AdWords. With Google AdWords, your business’s ads can appear on the front page of Google search results, on mobile phones and tablets, across the web, on YouTube, or appear as image or video ads.

CPA Optimization & Management

Cost per acquisition (CPA) allows our PPC management team to delegate at what point your business actually pays for an ad. You pay an agreed amount upon an actionable event such as a lead, conversion, or sale. The CPA model is very effective because you only pay when the ad has met its purpose.

Advanced Keyword Research

The foundation of every PPC campaign begins and ends with keyword research and analysis. Our paid search marketing services include in-depth analysis of high volume, competitive keyword terms and constant testing to see which search terms draw the most click through rate. Our PPC keyword research also includes identifying a negative keyword list, meaning if you don’t want your business to appear for a certain query, that search term can be filtered out.


PPC advertisers use retargeting, also called remarketing, to present highly relevant, targeted ads based on a user’s browser history. Retargeting uses information taken from cookies on a user’s browser to display ads that cater to their previous purchases or search history. If a user has previously visited your site, a cookie is placed in their browser that identifies them as a visitor. Your ads will appear more frequently as they search the web in the hopes they will revisit your site.

Pay Per Click Audits

A thorough PPC audit can uncover underlying issues and opportunities for improvement. An audit may include evaluating ad copy, display settings, ad groups, performance metrics, and landing page optimization. Our PPC management team can then change and improve upon your existing PPC campaign for better, more cost-efficient results.

A/B Testing

A/B testing allows marketers to determine if changing one variable of an ad will improve or harm an ad’s performance. By changing one variable of an existing ad, our PPC team will be able to compare the click through rates of the new ad to the existing ad. A/B testing is an important step in every PPC campaign to determine what works and what could be improved upon.

Our Marketing Services

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