Pay Per Click Advertising

In addition to search engine optimizing your website, it’s important to consider online advertising. Pay-per-click advertising supplements SEO keywords. This greatly expands page one results for hundreds of keyword phrases that are searched in Google everyday. Plain and simple: with PPC advertising, company and brand awareness reaches its maximum potential. Below are the top ten reasons your business should consider investing in top-notch PPC campaign services with Advice Interactive Group today.

1. You + PPC = $

A professionally managed PPC campaign makes money and cultivates clientele. A contractor using PPC had a 300% return on investment (ROI). A doctor’s medical practice had an average of 80 new patients a month. PPC provides proven, tangible results.

2. High Scores, LOW Price

A PPC team can assure you don’t pay for irrelevant clicks. Strong keyword research practices get businesses the highest quality scores, therefore a lower price per click. The right ad copy can even provide free branding and advertising.

3. Laser Focus on ROI

Pay per click advertising specialists understand that the goal of business isn’t to maximize the number of clicks to a website but to maximize ROI. Specialists spend your dollars wisely and bring you the most qualified leads at the lowest price.

4. Keyword Research Nerdfest

By utilizing advanced keyword search techniques, PPC teams design a campaign tailored to your business’ unique characteristics, services, and products. They find exactly what consumers are searching for and ensure your business is the first thing they see.

5. Google AdWords Ninjas

Pay per click campaign managers are certified by Google to move you stealthily to success. They are masters in the industry’s best practices and ensure campaigns get the best return for your investment in pay per click advertising.

6. Premium Landing Pages

Advice Interactive has a team of web design specialists to create unique, interactive landing pages. We will test your landing pages to get the best conversion rates for your business.

7. We’ve Got Google on Speed Dial

With a direct telephone line to Google representatives, invitations to the most recent trainings, and coupons to give clients to save money on new accounts, we get priority access to PPC experts at Google.

8. Our Door (or Email) is Always Open

If you have a question about your campaign performance, call or email for an update. We want to serve you and to help your business thrive. The best way to promote that is open communication between the agency and the client.

9. Conversion Kings & Queens

With expertise in website design and search engine marketing, we will examine your website and offer tips and strategies for getting the best conversion rates for your advertising campaign. A Certified Internet Marketing specialist oversees the department.

10. Your Proven Resource, Advice Interactive Group

Advice Interactive is a full service digital agency. We design and develop cutting-edge websites with the best Search Engine Optimization practices, and a team of dedicated talented writers. Your advertising dollars are wisely spent with guaranteed return.

For more detailed information regarding Pay-Per-Click consulting and management, or for a free website evaluation, give us a call at 214-310-1356 or have one of our industry experts contact you.