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SEO Competitive Analysis McKinney TX

A competitive analysis is an integrated part of any type of internet marketing campaign. Our SEO team will identify and analyze your top competitor's internet marketing strategy, including their on-page SEO, backlinks, targeted keywords, and social presence. We'll then use that information to create a customized marketing strategy specifically designed to outrank and outperform your competition across multiple channels.

Analyzing Competition
Understand Your Competition
Analyzing what your competitors are doing will help you build off of and learn from their successes and failures.
SEO Competitive Strategy
Focus Your Strategy
Building a well-rounded strategy enables you to focus on key areas your competitors may have missed.
SEO Competitive Analysis
Outrank Your Competition
Identifying your competitors’ weaknesses gives you the opportunity to outrank them for certain keyword phrases.

Competitive Analysis Services

Your competitors are your competitors for a reason—they must be doing something right. Advice Interactive Group’s SEO team will evaluate your competition and determine their strengths and weaknesses to identify gaps in their Internet marketing strategies. A competitive analysis includes a critical examination of all of the following:

A competitive analysis will give us a good idea of what works in your designated industry and what opportunities your competitors may have missed.

Identify Competition

The first step in a competitive analysis is to identify your competitors. Businesses often have a good idea who their competitors are, but thorough competitor research may reveal certain businesses that were never originally considered. Our SEO professionals will identify your main competitors through their keyword performance in organic and local search rankings as well as other determining factors.

Collection Information

The next step in a competitive analysis is to get a broad overview of each of your competitor’s business models and Internet marketing strategies. This will include identifying their social profiles, cataloging their webpages and targeted keywords, and compiling a list of their backlinks. Getting a general idea of their marketing strategy will build a strong foundation for more in-depth competitor research.

Competitive Analysis

The wise learn many things from their enemies.

After our team has a good feel for your competitor’s general Internet marketing strategy and on-page performance, we’ll begin a thorough competitor research process and delve further into their targeted keywords, backlinks, on-page optimization elements, and social engagement and performance. We’ll also examine the cities they’re targeting in paid and organic search to help develop your own SEO strategy.

Content Audits

Evaluating your competitor’s content is an important component of a competitive analysis. Our SEO team will look at what kind of content your competitors produce, including their webpages, blogs, and videos, and analyze how those pages are organized and the overall tone and voice of the content. This will help establish your competitor’s content hierarchy, information architecture, and overall content marketing strategy.

SEO Audits

An SEO audit is performed in two parts: on-page optimization and off-page optimization. For on-page SEO, our team will examine your competitor’s URLs, keyword density, title tags, meta descriptions, and image alt text. For off-page SEO, we’ll look at your competitor’s backlinks, anchor text, and social engagement to get a better understanding of their SEO strategy.

Apply Competitive Findings

Once the competitive analysis is complete, our SEO team will use our findings to create a comprehensive SEO strategy specifically geared to outranking and outperforming your competitors. Understanding who your competitors are, what they’re focusing on, and how they’re spending their marketing dollars will help us determine the best course of action for your own internet marketing strategy. Additionally, identifying their strengths and weaknesses will help determine tactics that may be applied to your own strategy.

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