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Mobile Marketing Strategy

Out of the digital revolution came the mobile revolution, whereby 96% of the world’s population owns and operates a mobile device. With the onset of smartphone usage, which accounts for approximately one billion phones worldwide, more people than ever are using their phones to connect to the web. This means that if your company doesn’t have a strategy for mobile web visibility, you’re already behind.

Mobile Marketing - Customer Confidence
Customer Confidence
Mobile users are more likely to recommend your brand if your site is mobile-friendly.
Mobile SEO Marketing
Market Your Business
Mobile SEO makes sure your brand or business is visible to search engine results on any device.
Boost SEO Rankings - Mobile Marketing
Boost Your Earnings
Four of five smartphone users now shops using their phones, preferring the convenience.

Mobile SEO Services

With more and more people reaching for their phones and tablets to conduct searches online, businesses have to do more to make themselves competitive within the mobile web. Like a traditional SEO strategy, a mobile SEO strategy aims at making your brand more visible to people searching via mobile devices.

At Advice Interactive Group, our SEO marketing strategy will:

  • Promote your business on the mobile web
  • Improve your brand visibility on mobile search engines
  • Track traffic and leads coming from mobile searches
  • Ensure consistent branding across multiple mobile platforms

Essentially, a mobile SEO site is a smaller version of your full website, providing mobile users with a positive impression of your business and a direct path to your services or products through their phones.

77% of mobile users seeking information search primarily using search engines.

Mobile Website Design & Development

Your website is largely how people interact with your business through mobile searches. Without an eye-catching and engaging web design, your visitors are more likely to leave your site and find what they need at your competitors’ websites. With our extensive mobile web design experience, our designers and web developers can make sure your brand is well represented on the mobile web and that your branding is consistent with your larger site. Read more…

Mobile Sitemaps

A sitemap provides the architecture to any website, mobile sites included. Like a backbone, a mobile sitemap gives structure and a clear direction to your mobile site, ensuring it is designed and developed the way you want and with the right SEO in mind. This is the first step in starting a mobile SEO campaign and identifies the services or products you want to highlight as well as the keywords you wish to target.

Mobile Insights

Website analytics, or insights, are the main way to gauge the impact of your SEO marketing. Our analytics experts can easily track who’s coming to your site, how they got there, and the keywords they used in their search to find you. This helps us better understand how people are searching and therefore how to better optimize your site for absolute mobile search visibility.

Mobile Mapping

GPS technology has made finding local businesses while on the go easier than ever. But if your business isn’t represented through mobile mapping, how will your current and future customers find you? Our team of mobile developers ensures your business address is correct and labeled within GPS systems so that customers can find you, even while on the road.

Mobile Search Optimization

Mobile search engines are just like regular search engines, relying on keywords to direct searchers to websites where their search is most likely to be answered. In order to make sure your business is being found for the products and services you offer, mobile site optimization is key. This process entails optimizing your mobile site’s content, images, and meta information with keywords, which are required for search engines to determine the relevancy of your site for certain queries.

Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Simply having a great design and optimizing your mobile site for keywords unfortunately isn’t enough to succeed on the mobile web. Promoting your brand through mobile marketing campaigns—strategies that include social media, special offers, and advertising, among others—further increases your visibility within mobile search engine results, solidifying your brand as an expert in your industry.

Our Other SEO Services

If you’re ready to take your mobile marketing to the next level, contact the mobile SEO experts at Advice Interactive Group by calling 214-310-1356 or filling out our online form.