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Video Production & SEO

Over 100 million people watch online videos every day through video streaming sites like YouTube and Vimeo, making video an exciting and viable option for getting valuable content in the hands of consumers around the world. But with new videos popping up every minute, how are brands able to put their videos in front of their target audiences? Video marketing and optimization is the key.

Online Brand Visibility - Video Optimization
Increase Brand Visibility
The best way to reach your target audience is with a visual message tailored directly to them.
Social Media Sharing
Social & Shareable
Because they’re interactive, videos are one of the best types of content to share socially.
Increase Conversions
Increase Conversions
Promoting your product or service in a video is a great way to convince people to purchase.

Video Optimization Services

While making a video might seem easy—just grab a camera and start filming—creating a quality video with the potential to go viral takes a lot of time, dedication, and strategy. It also requires a high level of optimization and marketing to ensure that the video reaches the right people. A good online video should accomplish the following:

  • Promote and generate interest in your brand and your services/products
  • Get people talking about and linking to your brand and services/products
  • Convert visitors and viewers into customers
  • Increase customer loyalty and confidence in your brand

None of these goals can be accomplished without a stringent video marketing campaign strategy comprised of essentials like optimization, quality editing, and promotion.

52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions.

Video Production Service

Like any art form, video production requires an eye for design. Techniques like the camera angle, lighting, and staging all contribute to the way your brand is perceived in a promotional video, and all can either work for or against you. But production is also about creating a product that is valuable and useful to your target audience. Your video is only as good as the message it sends, so you need a video production company you can trust to deliver quality every time.

Video Editing

While the production process takes a lot of time and involves a lot of shots, most of those moments will not be seen in the final uploaded product. Video editing cuts your video down to the best moments and adds attractive graphics and branding to your video. This ensures a quality final product that paints your brand and the services or products you’re promoting in the best light possible.

Video Optimization

Just like any other piece of content, a video needs to increase your brand’s online visibility in search engines through the use of SEO techniques and keywords. These keywords allows search engines to reference your video in relevant query results. Facets like your video’s file name, title, description, and tags all need to be keyword rich in order to attain maximum visibility in search results.

Video Promotion

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and viral videos don’t simply pop up overnight. By promoting your videos to the right channels, like social media profiles, relevant blogging outlets, and other syndication websites who then put your video in the hands of the right consumers, we can ensure maximum exposure for your brand and your video.

Video Testimonials

One of the most powerful tools for influencing website visitors to become customers is to show them what other customers have thought of their experiences with your brand. Video testimonials provide you with a new and innovative way to get your customers’ messages onto your website and across the web. Showing real people talking about their real experiences, these testimonials are often considered more trustworthy than typed-out messages on review or company websites.

Video Marketing Strategies

Virality is the key to success when it comes to video marketing. But not all viral videos become popular organically—more often than not, there’s a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and brain power behind those millions of views. Combining your positive brand message with marketing efforts like blog outreach, social media sharing, and video optimization, we are able to increase your video views and shares across multiple platforms.

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