Website Architecture Services

Website Architecture Services

A well-developed website architecture enhances the way users interact with your site as well as its performance in search engines. Page speed analysis, descriptive URIs, site plan creation, and user-friendly navigation all contribute to a functional and aesthetically pleasing website architecture. Information architecture helps users and search engines find the information they're looking for quickly and efficiently for enhanced user experience and better search performance.

Website Architecture

A well-developed digital landscape enables users and search engines to find what they’re looking for easily and quickly. A site’s navigation has a large impact on user experience as well as SEO, making information architecture an integral part of your site build. By integrating the principles behind function and aesthetics, our team can create a user- and search engine-friendly web architecture for your site that also:

  • Improves your site’s crawlability
  • Establishes hierarchy of information
  • Decreases your site’s bounce rate
  • Improves page loading time

At Advice Interactive Group, our team specializes in website information architecture. Whether it’s an eCommerce or mobile site, our team can develop a functional and attractive site navigation and page layout for improved user experience and SEO.

Websites that are hard to use frustrate customers, forfeit revenue, and erode brands. 

Site Crawlability

Your site won’t rank if search engines can’t crawl and index your site’s pages. That’s why it’s important to establish your website architecture early on in the site build process and develop your content around the initial wire frame. Information architecture also allows search engines to easily navigate your site, find corresponding pages, and index them.

Page Speed

Sites with a high page loading speed get a small ranking advantage, so it’s important to ensure your pages load quickly. Page speed can also impact your conversion rates, engagement, and bounce rate, so ensure site speed is a factor in your website architecture strategy.

Descriptive URIs

The words you choose for your URIs affect your search engine rankings. If you have the opportunity to use descriptive URIs, always choose to do so over product numbers. Users are more likely to click on a page with a short, descriptive URI, so while keywords are important to include, don’t overdo it with a string of long-tail keywords. It’s also notable that search engines have moved the URI right up under the title in search results and have enabled breadcrumbs instead of listing the full URL.

For instance, may become Home > Books > Teens, giving users more ways to navigate your site.

Breadcrumbs Example

Mobile Website Architecture

Having a responsive web design allows users to view your site across multiple devices including tablets, iOS devices, Android devices, and desktops without sacrificing user experience or SEO. Mobile website architecture simplifies your main site design and navigation options. Our team will evaluate your site’s top converting webpages and design a user-friendly mobile site plan guaranteed to enhance your site’s mobile search performance.

Site Plan

Having a well-developed site plan is essential for new site builds and redesigns to enhance user experience and SEO. A site plan, also called a wire frame, will provide the content structure of your entire site. Our SEO team will implement keyword research and navigation into an easy-to-understand site plan which our writers will then follow to create your site’s content.


If duplicate pages appear frequently in the search index, this can hurt your SEO and site performance. Properly managing your website architecture is necessary to avoid seemingly duplicate pages. For instance, it may appear your eCommerce site has pages with duplicate content if you allow search engines to index your paginated pages, or numbered pages. Or you may have filtering parameters for a URL, making it look as though it’s a different page. Our team will takes these factors into consideration and ensure search engines only index unique pages on your site.

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