Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social Media Marketing

As social media sites become more popular with Internet users, social media campaigns become increasingly important to business web marketing. Building trust with your targeted audience on the sites they regularly visit—sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn—means you’ll be forging lasting relationships with people that start as fans and end up as lifelong customers.

Social Media Communication
Customer Communication
In order to effectively communicate with your customers, you need to be where they are.
Social Media Positioning
Positive Brand Positioning
Regular updates on social channels mean your brand will always be in your followers’ minds.
Web Lead Generation Strategy
Lead Generation Strategy
Entice your fans to become customers with quality engagement strategies.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing is about so much more than sharing regular status updates—it requires hard work, dedication, and a passion for developing an effective marketing strategy.

A positive and engaging social media strategy will:

  • Boost brand awareness for your business
  • Engage your customers in meaningful conversations
  • Drive traffic back to your site
  • Develop relationships with other market influencers
  • Encourage trust in you, your brand, and your business

However, a social media strategy is only as good as its search engine optimization. At Advice Interactive Group, we put our best talents to work for you and your social media profiles, drawing on best practices and an arsenal of tools to drive your brand to success.

67% of all Internet users use social networking sites on a regular basis.

Social Media Marketing

A good social media marketing strategy is at the heart of every social media campaign. No two brands are ever the same, so no two social campaign strategies should ever be the same. Our social media managers work with you on a personal basis, making sure the image of your company you want marketed across your social profiles is consistent.

Social Profiling

No social media campaign can begin without social media profiles. We will set up profiles across your choice of social platforms, fully optimizing your information to improve your visibility on search engines and within social site searches. We’ll also provide you with unique social media art designed to promote brand recognition and loyalty in your followers.

Social Channel Analysis

If you’ve already set up social media profiles for yourself on social sites, we’re happy to audit your profiles for inconsistencies, optimization mistakes, and branding issues. We can also advise you about which social media channels are best for your brand based on your target audience. We’ll then work with you on how you want to brand your business across your profiles, creating a custom plan of action for your social media campaign.

Social Competitor Analysis

Your competitors aren’t just looking for a piece of your market share—they’re also looking for a piece of your social media share. By studying what your competition is sharing, how they’re engaging with their audience, and the tactics they use to grow their brand, our social media marketers can better apply an aggressive social media strategy for growing your brand socially.

Content Curation

Social media marketing is all about sharing relevant and interesting content with your followers. By curating creative content from a variety of sources like infographics, articles, and blog posts, our social media management team uses content marketing strategies to engage your followers and connects you to other professionals and influencers in your market.

Social Media Engagement

Simply posting updates on your profiles isn’t enough—you have to engage your followers in order to build up your brand. Answering questions, replying to comments, and being genuine about your company are great places to start. But social media marketing constantly demands more—more effort, more skill, and more passion—in order to be successful. Our marketers know the secrets to social media success and will work hard for your brand.

Our Marketing Services

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