Is Your Digital Marketing Driving You Mad? Tips from The March Madness Playbook

Digital Marketing Tips from March Madness March Madness is here and those brackets are heating up! If you are into college basketball or your spouse or colleagues at work are into it, then you have no doubt been asked to play the brackets. Some groups play for quarters, some play for chores and, of course, there are those that play for the big bucks (I am not one of those). Then, you have the manner in which each person or group chooses to play; the “oh, I’m just joining in the fun, but don’t care either way” method, the “I hope my team wins” method and the ever popular “You are going down and I will never let you forget it” method.

What on earth could any of this have to do with digital marketing you ask?

A lot actually, so, let’s take a look and find out what you can learn from the March Madness Brackets for your next digital marketing campaign.

Create a Catchy Name or Phrase for Your Next Digital Marketing Campaign

Let’s start with the name March Madness. That is a catchy name. Does your latest digital marketing plan have a great catch phrase?

Recently, while watching television, I saw an ad come on for Palm Beach Tan and their tagline was brilliant – “A better shade of you”. And, if you go to their website, you will find a slight variation on this line for each page. “Reach the Beach – Get there a shade sooner”, “Make life a shade more rewarding” and on their page about connecting with them on social media it says, “Stay a shade more connected”.

No matter how you feel about this company, you have to admit this marketing campaign is very catchy.  When coming up with the theme or tagline of your next campaign try to come up with something that will stick with people and connect them to your business in some way.

Create a Marketing Hook

As with any digital marketing campaign you want to reach your target audience, but the bonus would be if you could also find a way to bring people to you that may not normally use your product or service.

March Madness brackets do a great job of this for basketball. How many people in America that have never watched college basketball previously, will be glued to every game once they are talked into joining the office bracket pool? The NCAA has come up with a brilliant hook that works for them every year because the increase in audience during March Madness means an increase in income from advertisers wanting to reach that audience.

Is there some way you could create a hook to attract people beyond your target?

If so, use it, but always keep your target audience in mind. You don’t want to lose them along the way.

Once you have a name, a great tagline and a marketing hook you are ready to start a phenomenal new digital marketing campaign that has the potential of reaching your target audience and beyond!

If your digital marketing campaign is built around something seasonal and works really well you can bring it back each year at the same time so that people will start looking for it and telling others when it is coming. That is a super hook!

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